KIDNEY TRANSPLANT P3 [Patient Provider Partnerships]

Empowering partnerships for informed decisions in kidney transplant


Thank you to all the patients and providers who contributed to help us promote communication and informed decision making in kidney transplant!

Welcome to the kidney transplant decision aid website. This site was created with input from patients with kidney disease and the doctors who care for them. It is intended to be used during your visit with your doctor as you learn about kidney transplant. Our goal is to provide informative materials to help you to understand your treatment options and outcomes. Your doctor will guide you through the website and explain the information to help you to make informed decisions.

This website contains information to compare the pros and cons of
     1. dialysis vs. transplant treatments
     2. living donor vs. deceased donor transplant
     3. higher quality vs. lower quality deceased donor kidneys transplant
     4. increased infectious risk kidneys

We also created a calculator to estimate a patient’s likely outcomes on the kidney transplant wait list based on the transplant regions/centers and the individual’s medical condition. Your medical provider will guide you through the calculator. We hope you will find the tool and the likely outcomes helpful in explaining treatment options with your friends and family.

While this website is designed to help you better understand kidney transplant, many patients with advanced kidney disease are also trying to understand different dialysis options. Click here to learn more about dialysis.