Liver Waiting List Calculator

In addition to producing the transplant program-specific reports, the organ-procurement organization reports, and the OPTN/SRTR Annual Data Report, SRTR is beginning to develop tools that we hope are useful to the donation and transplantation community. Currently, we offer the Liver Waiting List Calculator, but hope to release more tools in the future.

Liver Transplant Waiting List Outcomes

Liver Waiting List Tool Screenshot

Click the image to access the tool. (Note: For a more thorough explanation of how the estimates were obtained and the calendar days on which the tool took a snapshot of the national waiting list, please refer to the Methodology tab.)

The Liver Waiting List Calculator was created to help patients in need of a liver transplant, their families, and their care teams understand the experiences of patients on a liver transplant program's waiting list in the recent past. To accomplish this, the tool uses actual patient experiences over the past 2 years. The tool takes a snapshot of each program's waiting list on a series of days within the 2-year period, then determines what happened to all of the candidates on that waiting list during the next year. At various time points during the year (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, and 365 days), the tool determines how many patients successfully underwent transplant, how many died before undergoing transplant or were removed from the waiting list because they became too sick to undergo transplant, how many received a liver from a living donor, how many were removed from the waiting list for other reasons, and how many are still alive and waiting for a transplant.